Different feeling

a thousand experience

Love, a mystery

prepare for it all you want

it surprises you pleasantly

©Amaka Paul 2017

Posted for Tanka Poetry Prompt Challenge

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My space, Your space…

Once bubbly and feisty,

Now peaceful among the roots

Nature’s warm bosom,

Earth’s bed space occupied


A lesson lost on other tenants

busy amassing, ruthless, heartless

Pointing their morbid sticks

swaying to macabre Chants,

Unsatisfied, relentless


In a breadth, each to his space

Just enough for the bearers,

Stretching out for help

Afraid to stand a minute longer,

Where raining mud soon fill

©Amaka Paul 2017

Photography:Kyle Young


Tossing and turning,

I leaf through a gallery of delicate tenderness,

thumbing pages of beautiful moments,

wanting, hoping, needing, restless.

Pausing and playing,

the dawn is long drawn


Tossing and turning,

savoring delicious scenes,

every minute, breathtaking.

Rewound, fast forward, a master tape

of precious moments,

a sublime escape…

Chirping birds, a brand new day!

©Amaka Paul



Comfort zone polluted,

love ignited, lust beckons

A little hesitancy,

a thin thread of sanity,

Insanity seem well come


Serene landscape about to be defaced

broken artwork, splinters, charred pieces

a need to be stoked

Risky; more fun, addicted


A throbbing to be appeased;

an intense provocation of

heightened tremor,

seeking a-dousing


Forbidden, untouchable,

blatant hunger,

drinking thirstily, parched

aching, yearning

Impossible made possible

by mutual consent


Seeking a release, an out pour, a satisfaction

embracing, renouncing, accepting

once and for all

Afraid you’d leave me wanting

for more.

©Amaka Paul 2017

Original Art by Derek Poitra

Hell is paradise


the sound had an eerie finality to it

she wouldn’t make it out of there

plop and no ripples


this nightmare is driving me insane

those eyes would never cease to haunt me

the silent plea for help

ignored in the heat of the moment

all for the prize of a mean name tag

and now what


sweats pouring down my back in the winter

looking behind me at every instance

heart banging threatening to desert our space

feet restless, lips dry and screams only I can hear

she torments me so


I must confess and suffer my hell

it would be a much better hell than this

I should have spoken up

now, hell is paradise

©Amaka Paul 2016



don’t say it, please


You are always in my thought

deep in my heart is where you reside

I try to reach out to you

but your eyes

they push me away


longing for those days when

your hands couldn’t stay still

your eyes caressed my body

and your touch tamed my wildness

these eyes push me away and

your hands are steady


We have grown so distant that

words fail me when we are together

I fear for you, for us

I long for a heart to heart

but your eyes

they push me away


Don’t say it, please

let’s make this work.

© Amaka Paul 2016

image source:google