Comfort zone polluted,

love ignited, lust beckons

A little hesitancy,

a thin thread of sanity,

Insanity seem well come


Serene landscape about to be defaced

broken artwork, splinters, charred pieces

a need to be stoked

Risky; more fun, addicted


A throbbing to be appeased;

an intense provocation of

heightened tremor,

seeking a-dousing


Forbidden, untouchable,

blatant hunger,

drinking thirstily, parched

aching, yearning

Impossible made possible

by mutual consent


Seeking a release, an out pour, a satisfaction

embracing, renouncing, accepting

once and for all

Afraid you’d leave me wanting

for more.

©Amaka Paul 2017

Original Art by Derek Poitra

My Purple Love


She loves the rain.
Her body jiggling majestically
As the raindrops hit her
She smiles, bats her eyelids as she feels
The wetness course through her
Down to her very essence

It’s her season to bloom
She sways happily to the beat
Oblivious of her audience
Her face raised up to the sky
She gulps thirstily

Beauty out in the rain
Freshly bathed
Her skin, smooth and fragile
Glistens with rich droplets
Inviting to the lips, enchanting

Hold tenderly this beauty
Inhale her rich scent
Taste the crystal drops
Quench your thirst

Slowly he approaches, he startles her
Ever so gently, he draws her to himself
Eyes closed he inhales her exotic fragrance
She blushes uncontrollably

Lips quivering, he caresses her tips
Her wetness trickle down his fingers
Sighing, he brings them to his lips
Careful not to bruise he sucks tenderly
Each droplet serving to quench his thirst

Lips stained purple he opens his eyes
Playfully releasing each petal he watches in
Childlike awe as they float, flutter and
Land gently at his feet…a purple splendor.
Each petal bruised by love’s tender kiss.

© Amaka Paul 2016



Find your passion, live long


Only passion can elicit

such devotion to one’s work

find your passion and give your all;

give your all to your passion and find fulfilment.

Passion , devotion, consistency, eye for detail, equals

satisfaction and the urge to wake up raring to go.


Thanks for reading, I wish you all a wonderful week ahead.

Live your passion!

© Amaka Paul 2016

image source:Pinterest




Naked and empty…


Singing with my last breath

empty the melody

return I must but void

filled with light that shines forth

and has shone on the path

of multitude;

guiding light, lighting, shaping

painting dimples and colors

awakening a quickening

of steps and adjustments

of gait; chest thrust out

pointing the way

give my all to all


Playing the guitar with my all

reaching my depth

to stir a longing in you

exciting the flapping of wings

eager to take flight and soar

leaving behind false fears

emboldened and willing to conquer

deserting comfort zones

craving a life of meaning and purpose

I will give my all to gain all

naked and empty and happy

to dust, as dust… fulfilled

©Amaka Paul 2016

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why are you here?

In response to today’s one- word prompt, purpose



Life is meaningless without you

I know because the pain

Of living without you

Is excruciating

Daily living become a bore

A big vacuum, a chore


I have looked for you in different places

Searched for you in a lot of faces

You remained elusive

I became sick to my bones

I hear your voice everywhere

I try so hard to single you out

You elude me


They say, I would find you in what I enjoy most

They say, I would find you in my secret passion

They say, go with your heart

I say, I have heard enough!


They say, when I find you

I will have joy indescribable;

When I meet you the passion won’t fade

And for you, they say, I would do anything

For free, just for the fulfillment you bring


Some lucky ones find you early

Some not- so- lucky, find you much later

The quite unfortunate, die without knowing you

Yes the cemetery, filled with the unsung

Lives unlived, no trace, no footprint

merely existed


You, are one thing they,

Cannot give us, they can only try

The Maker alone has the manual

He alone has the exact answers

To Him we must go with the questions

For the right answers


The one thing that gives me joy untold

Is opening someone’s eye to their innate

Potential and helping them attain their best

I could do that all day…for free


A life without purpose is meaningless

Why am I here?

Why are you here?

Why are we placed here on earth?

Find answers to this one question

Find peace.

Have you found your purpose?

©Amaka Paul 2016


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