to live again

tunnel end

I can see the dark cloud
Hanging over you
I see also, a glimpse of sunshine
About to brighten your world

Look up, open up, and Stand tall,
Dare to look within
Let me help you
Let me show you
The beauty inside of you

Now, look, what do you see?
See as it is and not as you are
I see a beautiful soul
I see one capable of loving
And being loved
Yes, you are awesome

It’s not what happens to us
It’s how we choose to react

You can live again,
Banish the dark clouds
Let the sunshine in
There is so much to live for
Now, take a deep breathe

What do you see?
All the good you see are true
All the love you glimpse is real
All your dreams are possible
It is in you, do not fight it
Choose to live again

Look up, open up,
Do not give up
Leave the tracks, don’t spill it
You are precious, do not waste it,
You are beautiful,
You have got potentials
You are a blessing to the world
Impact it positively.
See… live today
Tomorrow will be better.

©Amaka Paul 2016

You were there

pexels-photo (1)

Through the pains, heartaches

Delays, doubts, and fears

Through the struggle

Denials, and strife

You were there


You are loyal and faithful

A dependable rock

You believed in me

And taught me to do

Likewise, my best friend


You opened my heart

To see the challenge

As a phase, a process that

Will bring forth my inner

Beauty and strength


You showed me the light

You took away my fears

You guided my steps

You gave me victory


You are always here

You are my strength

My pillar and my refuge

Today I say, thank You.

© Amaka Paul 2016

I retreat


Gentle splash of water

bathing ancient stones

calms my mind

awakening my senses

to appreciate and embrace

the moment


the chirping of birds invites me to sing

along and joyfully usher in the new day

gentle dance of the trees a welcome

call to sway in time to nature’s beauty song


away from the spits and curses

blares and madness,

I inhale the awesomeness

and breathtaking sights of nature

my heart thanks me for the breather


my feet hungrily take a deep

my being is alive to peace and quiet

my mind attunes to the silent voices

and I hear distinctly

the communion of mind soul and spirit

my body melts in awe.

© Amaka Paul 2016

Photography:Eli Boschetto


Priceless gift


Set it free and let them go

look around you and breathe in

there are a thousand and one things

to be thankful for, close your eyes and live

Feel the splash of warmth that envelops your being

let go of worries that drain you of today and deny you tomorrow

Rather, bask in the euphoria of this precious moment

a gift that is priceless.

© Amaka Paul 2016

image source:google