Plush greenery bear
Imprints of our devotion
Bouquet of kisses
Fiery coals of dark passion
Unabating, smoldering

©Amaka Paul 2018

Posted for Tanka Poetry prompt challenge

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Cool beat, hot party

Busy feet and vintage wines

wild nights, sour mornings

©Amaka Paul 2018

Posted for Haiku poetry prompt challenge

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Comfort zone polluted,

love ignited, lust beckons

A little hesitancy,

a thin thread of sanity,

Insanity seem well come


Serene landscape about to be defaced

broken artwork, splinters, charred pieces

a need to be stoked

Risky; more fun, addicted


A throbbing to be appeased;

an intense provocation of

heightened tremor,

seeking a-dousing


Forbidden, untouchable,

blatant hunger,

drinking thirstily, parched

aching, yearning

Impossible made possible

by mutual consent


Seeking a release, an out pour, a satisfaction

embracing, renouncing, accepting

once and for all

Afraid you’d leave me wanting

for more.

©Amaka Paul 2017

Original Art by Derek Poitra