broken thread


Closure heals the soul

The torture of darkness paralyses
Floating, waiting, … suspended

A feast of thoughts,
Harvest of emotions,
A seed is sown

Silence shatters
the essence of communion

Happiness is sacrificed
in the altar of self-importance
singed, threadbare

Time is thrown to the wind

Break the thread
In a bid to raise the trophy
Prove what ultimately?

Relearning the ropes
A page is lost; shortened thread
Doubts mushroom

This pain is real

©Amaka Paul 2018

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to live again

tunnel end

I can see the dark cloud
Hanging over you
I see also, a glimpse of sunshine
About to brighten your world

Look up, open up, and Stand tall,
Dare to look within
Let me help you
Let me show you
The beauty inside of you

Now, look, what do you see?
See as it is and not as you are
I see a beautiful soul
I see one capable of loving
And being loved
Yes, you are awesome

It’s not what happens to us
It’s how we choose to react

You can live again,
Banish the dark clouds
Let the sunshine in
There is so much to live for
Now, take a deep breathe

What do you see?
All the good you see are true
All the love you glimpse is real
All your dreams are possible
It is in you, do not fight it
Choose to live again

Look up, open up,
Do not give up
Leave the tracks, don’t spill it
You are precious, do not waste it,
You are beautiful,
You have got potentials
You are a blessing to the world
Impact it positively.
See… live today
Tomorrow will be better.

©Amaka Paul 2016

My Purple Love


She loves the rain.
Her body jiggling majestically
As the raindrops hit her
She smiles, bats her eyelids as she feels
The wetness course through her
Down to her very essence

It’s her season to bloom
She sways happily to the beat
Oblivious of her audience
Her face raised up to the sky
She gulps thirstily

Beauty out in the rain
Freshly bathed
Her skin, smooth and fragile
Glistens with rich droplets
Inviting to the lips, enchanting

Hold tenderly this beauty
Inhale her rich scent
Taste the crystal drops
Quench your thirst

Slowly he approaches, he startles her
Ever so gently, he draws her to himself
Eyes closed he inhales her exotic fragrance
She blushes uncontrollably

Lips quivering, he caresses her tips
Her wetness trickle down his fingers
Sighing, he brings them to his lips
Careful not to bruise he sucks tenderly
Each droplet serving to quench his thirst

Lips stained purple he opens his eyes
Playfully releasing each petal he watches in
Childlike awe as they float, flutter and
Land gently at his feet…a purple splendor.
Each petal bruised by love’s tender kiss.

© Amaka Paul 2016



The Battle Within


He has given up on himself
Always spoiling for a fight
He is afraid to look inside
Afraid of what he would see
Of who he has become

Daily he awakes to emptiness
He has lost every sense of direction
His kids are scared of him
She is totally worn out
Her meager income barely sustaining

His eyes betray him
No matter how tough he acts
He is dead inside
No matter how tough he talks
His steps betray him
He has no fight in him anymore

His past holds him, prisoner
He can’t fit in anymore
His words betray him
He feels at home with the
Dregs of the society
He is afraid to look inside

How long will the handouts last
To live on charity, for how long

How do you start to help him
He hears only what he wants
How do you get him to accept
That all is in the past. How do you
get him to understand that,
What matters is what he has now…

Who tells a grown man what to do?
He has no friends, who will talk to him
She is losing her mind
Torn between being a wife,
the bread winner and the warrior

For her, you are forced to try once more….
Look at him you almost give up
A look at the kids and your hearts melts
Just this once…and one more…

It will take the Divine.
God has given us choices
We have the freewill
It’s in our hands to choose
How you choose is up to you.

How do you convince someone to look inside?
To see the infinite potential within
how do you help him find himself once again
To say enough is enough

The battle is for the man in the mirror
He must on his own decide to fight again

She continues to fight on her knees
We offer our shoulders to her
The release keeps her sane
We pray for them.

I have come to realize that the worst
That can happen to anyone is not
Losing his possessions, his money,
or loved ones the worst is to not have
the will to fight anymore
All hope is lost then.

In life, we all have a choice to make
To be or not to be
To live or not to live
To give up or to try one more time
To move on or to remain stuck
The choice is ours to make

Choose wisely.

© Amaka Paul 2016