The Battle Within


He has given up on himself
Always spoiling for a fight
He is afraid to look inside
Afraid of what he would see
Of who he has become

Daily he awakes to emptiness
He has lost every sense of direction
His kids are scared of him
She is totally worn out
Her meager income barely sustaining

His eyes betray him
No matter how tough he acts
He is dead inside
No matter how tough he talks
His steps betray him
He has no fight in him anymore

His past holds him, prisoner
He can’t fit in anymore
His words betray him
He feels at home with the
Dregs of the society
He is afraid to look inside

How long will the handouts last
To live on charity, for how long

How do you start to help him
He hears only what he wants
How do you get him to accept
That all is in the past. How do you
get him to understand that,
What matters is what he has now…

Who tells a grown man what to do?
He has no friends, who will talk to him
She is losing her mind
Torn between being a wife,
the bread winner and the warrior

For her, you are forced to try once more….
Look at him you almost give up
A look at the kids and your hearts melts
Just this once…and one more…

It will take the Divine.
God has given us choices
We have the freewill
It’s in our hands to choose
How you choose is up to you.

How do you convince someone to look inside?
To see the infinite potential within
how do you help him find himself once again
To say enough is enough

The battle is for the man in the mirror
He must on his own decide to fight again

She continues to fight on her knees
We offer our shoulders to her
The release keeps her sane
We pray for them.

I have come to realize that the worst
That can happen to anyone is not
Losing his possessions, his money,
or loved ones the worst is to not have
the will to fight anymore
All hope is lost then.

In life, we all have a choice to make
To be or not to be
To live or not to live
To give up or to try one more time
To move on or to remain stuck
The choice is ours to make

Choose wisely.

© Amaka Paul 2016

Hello, July


Hello everyone,

Am so blessed to be part of this wonderful blogging family

Posting all these months have been worth it because of you. It’s been pure

Pleasure having you stop by, like and comment on my blog posts

You all are the best, I appreciate all the follows; thank you

Now, as we enter a new month, I am

Excited and hopeful that you will continue to visit

Wishing us all the very best July has to offer and much more

May the remainder of 2016 bring us pleasant surprises

Our individual and collective efforts will continue to  put smiles on sad faces

Never give up, every little count… let’s keep hope alive

Thank you all from the very depth of my heart for your kind support

Happy new month my friends!

© Amaka Paul 2016



Love beyond words


Kill him, throw him away

He is a witch, he has to die

He is an evil child, kill him

He is cursed, he is bad luck

Throw him away!


He is barely two but looks ninety

Labeled a witch by society

Thrown away and rejected by a

Family afraid of societal stigma


Abandoned to his fate, deprived

Of everything a baby needs to grow;

Nourishment, clothing, shelter and love

Feeding from the dump, he is a naked

Two year old surviving on his own

Unprotected, lost, cold and hungry;

An outcast


All bones, rejected, anemic, sick

And hungry he wanders on

The adults look the other way

The children watch from a safe

Distance, he is evil

baby hope

Poor child! Didn’t ask to be born

But is determined to survive

He kept hope alive and heaven

Smiled at him an angel visited

He drank thirstily from her water

Bottle and ate the biscuits she



She wrapped him up not deterred

By the stench, that oozed from his

Ravaged body, maggots were deeply

Embedded in his skin, she took him in

And nursed him back to health


She gave him the best treatment

And adopted baby Hope as one of hers


She gave him back his life;

an angel in human form

an epitome of selfless love

a beautiful soul, she is white

baby hope is black and love

Is encompassing.


Yes to Love beyond words!

©Amaka Paul 2016








Silent Screams


Footsteps, thudding heart

Abated breath, silent pleas

Constant threats, hopelessness

And torture


Violated repeatedly

Society deaf to her cries

Suffer in silence, save the

Family name, save us the shame

Let him go free


Silent screams, bleeding heart

Aching pain, bleak future

Loneliness, unworthy to mingle

Echoes from within

Empty, soulless eyes

Stare aimlessly into space

Scarred for life.

© Amaka Paul 2016

precious rubbles


And it rages on,

The fight for who has more right;

Whose blood is the bluest

Whose god is the greatest

Whose land is the most fruitful

Whose religion is superior

Who has the right to life

And who should die


It’s a lot easier to destroy

And takes much more effort to rebuild

Now you see it;

Now it’s a heap of ashes and rubbles


Hate justifies, anger unleashes

In their wake, crimson pools

Lifeless limbs, headless bodies

Smell of death and precious rubbles


Burn it down, destroy it all

Pull them down, all of it!

So much hate, so much anger

No love lost, so little love


Buildings torched, bridges blown apart

Animals set ablaze, Humans massacred


Of communities set to ruin

And a people displaced

Children orphaned, widows

Widowers, all homeless

Each, mourning a loved one.


And it rages on

Who wins the superiority war?


So much pain and agony

Of loved ones gone forever

Homes standing no more

No graves, no flowers

Ashes blown away

Memories lost; smothering

In the pile of ruins.


Hate and destruction

Rob us of our future

Set us backward decades and

Leave in their wake despair, sorrow

Need for vengeance and more hate

A vicious cycle.


Enough! Let love reign.

Let’s rebuild.

©Amaka Paul 2016