My ire dissipates

Your taste, a lingering fire

The flesh is selfish

©Amaka Paul 2018

Posted for Haiku Poetry prompt challenge

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Fragile thoughts

stir insubordinate emotions

an involuntary shiver

pay no heed

let it simmer


I transverse the lane

look out for him

You already know

a handshake sufficed

a gentleman’s agreement

I know,

the heart wants what it wants


Multi-tasking, no escape

eyes glued, darting,

hands eager, twitching

Agree to renegotiate

a game changer?

the head is in on this

the heart unrelenting


Starry skies, we recollect

and try not to veer off

Empty sofa, sunken pillows

the night is still young


Unavoidable separation

our hearts bridge the distance

I know,

my heart wants what it wants


But he is dignified

that my love

an agreement is what it is

an agreement

©Amaka Paul 2017

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Tossing and turning,

I leaf through a gallery of delicate tenderness,

thumbing pages of beautiful moments,

wanting, hoping, needing, restless.

Pausing and playing,

the dawn is long drawn


Tossing and turning,

savoring delicious scenes,

every minute, breathtaking.

Rewound, fast forward, a master tape

of precious moments,

a sublime escape…

Chirping birds, a brand new day!

©Amaka Paul