Gradual withdrawal;

He was unloving me

Breaking my heart,

Unlearning his feelings

for me

Hardening his shell

Blurring the memories

of us

Building walls

It was invincible;

I was vulnerable

Shutters fall; Heart shut

Eyes wide open,


I’m here.

From a distance,

maintaining a façade

afraid of losing control

What we shared was passionate

What I felt was unbridled,

Unflinching, pure love

Unacceptable by our circumstances

Hard not to fall again

Beware the Achilles;

the last time was a tug…

of war… the flesh won

The will not so worn

Some things in life are fleeting.

Thief of my heart;

 he came

invaded my hut

Basked in my love,

Left me wondering…




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