My Purple Love


She loves the rain.
Her body jiggling majestically
As the raindrops hit her
She smiles, bats her eyelids as she feels
The wetness course through her
Down to her very essence

It’s her season to bloom
She sways happily to the beat
Oblivious of her audience
Her face raised up to the sky
She gulps thirstily

Beauty out in the rain
Freshly bathed
Her skin, smooth and fragile
Glistens with rich droplets
Inviting to the lips, enchanting

Hold tenderly this beauty
Inhale her rich scent
Taste the crystal drops
Quench your thirst

Slowly he approaches, he startles her
Ever so gently, he draws her to himself
Eyes closed he inhales her exotic fragrance
She blushes uncontrollably

Lips quivering, he caresses her tips
Her wetness trickle down his fingers
Sighing, he brings them to his lips
Careful not to bruise he sucks tenderly
Each droplet serving to quench his thirst

Lips stained purple he opens his eyes
Playfully releasing each petal he watches in
Childlike awe as they float, flutter and
Land gently at his feet…a purple splendor.
Each petal bruised by love’s tender kiss.

© Amaka Paul 2016