sweet oblivion


She carries the burden of guilt around

restless and unhappy

the need to know fills her every moment

she wouldn’t ask the question

the answer to which she would give her life for

yet dreads with her very being

It’s better not to know and keep hope alive

eliminate that element of finality

Choosing not to accept what your mind is making up

Believing in your heart that it will turn out well


Her nails ache and bleed

She should have known better

than to have given a nod

to Mia to leave for that mission

She has searched everywhere

no word, nothing

Just a heap of conflicting news

How much longer she would last

With this weight, that has disfigured

Her gait and blinded her vision

Is just a matter of time


If only she could twist the hands of time

She won’t have to carry this load

That’s threatening to erode her sanity

she dreads her only companion

but that’s all she can count on now

worrying helps her keep busy and

hastens her slide to the edge

soon it will be sweet oblivion.

© Amaka Paul 2016

image source:google