God’s Masterpiece


Who paints better than nature?

She blends her colors perfectly

And the eyes praise her for it

The feet quicken to admire

And the heart leaps in joy

Who dares to compete with Mother Nature?

The mouth cannot help but smile

And the soul inhales in ecstasy

Who paints better than nature?

Her works are always a masterpiece

Just like you are, A MASTERPIECE

Yes, YOU!

© Amaka Paul 2016

Photography by Gale weithers


20 thoughts on “God’s Masterpiece

      1. Each one of us is beautiful just like the exquisite beauty of nature,which you have depicted in the most captivating colours!You deserve the applaud!:)

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  1. Your poem was wonderfully written. Isn’t the nature beautiful. Even in the desert, the flowers bloom and wither away soon, but god gave them beauty. they just display their beauty, don’t care if anyone appreciate, knowing that it’s God’s gift. Thank you for checking out most of my blog posts and liking them.

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    1. Thank you so much! nature is so beautiful and inspires me a lot! the flowers just are…thankful for each moment. We fail awfully in this aspect, guess we do have a lot to learn from nature!
      I enjoyed my visit to your blog and was inspired by your posts.Thank you for stopping by, reading and leaving a feed back.xx

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