Caress me


I slid in close my eyes and

Lose myself in your warm embrace

A touch and caress that melts my bones

Sigh deeply as your eager spurts

Melt away my aches


In the heat of the moment you

Assuage my thirst and send thrills

Down my core I thirst for you, fill me

Drench me, and let me

Be one with you


Can’t get enough of you;

My strength and vitality

Your gentle cleansing refreshes

And rejuvenates


Your scent arouses my inner fantasies

Cloaked in your warmth, I lose sense of time

My skin is tender and silky to touch

I feel a decade younger.


It feels great to be a guest for a while,

To pamper me like there’s no hurry

It’s just for the weekend, but I feel great

And then back to reality and…

I could soak in the bath

Forever but alas, I must step out or risk

Catching a cold.

© Amaka Paul 2016

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