I am beautiful


I choose to walk away from it all

the hurts and betrayals

I choose to find a reason to live

once again, to laugh and feel the

sunshine on my face, the splash

of the ocean waves on my skin


I choose to love myself and the

face in the mirror

I no longer seek approval from

others, I am beautiful!

I love this new me, this strange

feeling; it’s awesome


The fight has died in me, call it

cowardice; I don’t care anymore

they can have all of him and some

I’m not a coward, I won’t share

I simply refuse to wait for love to

happen; for someone to love me

when he feels like it


No, I have chosen to love me all the

time, none stop


I walk into a brand new life filled

with love, laughter and sunshine

True love will come when it will.

Surprise, surprise, it will

meet me on my own terms

I embrace the new me.

© Amaka Paul 2016