Love beyond words


Kill him, throw him away

He is a witch, he has to die

He is an evil child, kill him

He is cursed, he is bad luck

Throw him away!


He is barely two but looks ninety

Labeled a witch by society

Thrown away and rejected by a

Family afraid of societal stigma


Abandoned to his fate, deprived

Of everything a baby needs to grow;

Nourishment, clothing, shelter and love

Feeding from the dump, he is a naked

Two year old surviving on his own

Unprotected, lost, cold and hungry;

An outcast


All bones, rejected, anemic, sick

And hungry he wanders on

The adults look the other way

The children watch from a safe

Distance, he is evil

baby hope

Poor child! Didn’t ask to be born

But is determined to survive

He kept hope alive and heaven

Smiled at him an angel visited

He drank thirstily from her water

Bottle and ate the biscuits she



She wrapped him up not deterred

By the stench, that oozed from his

Ravaged body, maggots were deeply

Embedded in his skin, she took him in

And nursed him back to health


She gave him the best treatment

And adopted baby Hope as one of hers


She gave him back his life;

an angel in human form

an epitome of selfless love

a beautiful soul, she is white

baby hope is black and love

Is encompassing.


Yes to Love beyond words!

©Amaka Paul 2016