A remix…faux lyrics


They return every four years

With same old gimmick and tales

Pull the wool over our eyes

And gain our acceptance


The period is spent frivolously

Cries and distress completely

Ignored, denials of promises

Made, become the order of the day


The poor masses groan under severe

Hardship, poverty and loss of livelihood

While they fly around the globe

Furiously checking bucket lists

Feigning ignorance of the slump


In a twinkle, their tenure is spent

Another set of the same breed

Takes up the jingle, this time

With a new flair but same lyrics


We again dance to the new track

And in the euphoria sell out

Our soul for another four

The flavor fizzles out

We are left on the dance floor

With the same old beat

And lackluster tunes, bewildered


While they drink and dance

To a whole new release, party

And merry without a day’s worry


We take up the bills and swear

To make them pay in the next four

They know we remember never,

They laugh at our gullibility


We never learn, they will be back

To pull at our strings

And have us waltzing to their classic

Believing hopelessly in their faux

Lyrics, history repeats.

© Amaka Paul 2016


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