Silent Screams


Footsteps, thudding heart

Abated breath, silent pleas

Constant threats, hopelessness

And torture


Violated repeatedly

Society deaf to her cries

Suffer in silence, save the

Family name, save us the shame

Let him go free


Silent screams, bleeding heart

Aching pain, bleak future

Loneliness, unworthy to mingle

Echoes from within

Empty, soulless eyes

Stare aimlessly into space

Scarred for life.

© Amaka Paul 2016


Friends forever


I smile in anticipation as

I await your return each day

Your friendship adds years

To my life and a radiance

To my skin


Your touch reaches my depth

Your eyes see my soul

You alone, satisfy my yearning

Your love for me is pure joy


Your lips on mine the nectar

That sweetens my taste

Your eyes follow me everywhere

The look that sets my body

To blossom and open up

I walk on air


The sound of your voice calms me

Your beautiful soul set my heart

A – Racing and my hand a – writing

Of poems pouring out from

A heart filled with love


I look forward to our tomorrow

Always with a grateful heart

Hands raised in worship

Forever I remain thankful


I would choose you again

Say yes over and over again

With you, I have a companion

And I enjoy a friendship

So awesome it radiates


Hand in hand we took the first step

And together we’ll keep alive the vow

We took, to remain friends forever

Till death do us part

© Amaka Paul 2016