3 day quote challenge: day 2

Hello Everyone,

Today is day 2 of the 3 day quote challenge, and I present to you another of my favorites…enjoy!


“You have gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,

Love like you’ll never hurt, sing like there’s

 Nobody listening and live like it’s heaven on earth”

– William W. Purkey

So tell me, are you game?



I don’t mind a tan


I lift up my eyes to you

I bask in your radiant smile

My skin burns at your touch

Your warm breath on my neck

Feels like summer


I accept you won’t be here for long

I resolve to make the most of our

Time together


Take me to the islands my love

My feet long for the sands

My heart aches for the sight

To behold the beauty of

The beaches and ride the waves


With you, I can be myself

A hat and bikini

Cream and a blanket

A towel and basket

That’ll be all for now


You watch as I laze around

You approve as I take a sip

You smile as I take a nap

With you the outdoor is fun


You won’t stay for long I know

So I will cherish every moment

Capture every splash and dip

And for you, I don’t mind a tan.


Wade with me, splash with me

Let’s make this moment last.

©Amaka Paul 2016