precious rubbles


And it rages on,

The fight for who has more right;

Whose blood is the bluest

Whose god is the greatest

Whose land is the most fruitful

Whose religion is superior

Who has the right to life

And who should die


It’s a lot easier to destroy

And takes much more effort to rebuild

Now you see it;

Now it’s a heap of ashes and rubbles


Hate justifies, anger unleashes

In their wake, crimson pools

Lifeless limbs, headless bodies

Smell of death and precious rubbles


Burn it down, destroy it all

Pull them down, all of it!

So much hate, so much anger

No love lost, so little love


Buildings torched, bridges blown apart

Animals set ablaze, Humans massacred


Of communities set to ruin

And a people displaced

Children orphaned, widows

Widowers, all homeless

Each, mourning a loved one.


And it rages on

Who wins the superiority war?


So much pain and agony

Of loved ones gone forever

Homes standing no more

No graves, no flowers

Ashes blown away

Memories lost; smothering

In the pile of ruins.


Hate and destruction

Rob us of our future

Set us backward decades and

Leave in their wake despair, sorrow

Need for vengeance and more hate

A vicious cycle.


Enough! Let love reign.

Let’s rebuild.

©Amaka Paul 2016