She was only Ten…

In response to The Daily Post prompt


She never recovered,

Nova was her world.

She won’t stop blaming herself

She had failed them…failed her


If she had probed harder

Paid more her attention

To her chosen isolation

Perhaps she would have

Opened up


The signs were there

Only now she realized;

Too late, it became clear,

All those times,

She was crying for help


She was called back an hour

After she left the house

The voice was frantic

What could be the problem?

She had left Nova in charge

Of her two younger siblings


They had gone into the room

To ask for their toys

Eerie screams alerted the neighbors

They rushed in, to a sight, that

Stopped them dead on their tracks


It was already too late

No one could help her


She pushed through the bodies

They couldn’t stop her

They watched, powerless



She had used her daddy’s belt

Limply she hung,

Eyes bulging, faces twisted

She floated, her feet twitched

And she was only ten


No! She passed out…


She would never know

Why her little girl

Chose the noose


She was only ten, only ten

She had been a very bright girl

Her only daughter, she made sure

She had all she ever wanted

Or so she thought…


Those times she had waved her away

All those times she dismissed her tales

She had been too busy to listen

Too engrossed to notice her silent cry

For help


But they provided them with everything

They lacked nothing

Where did they go wrong?

She seemed happy


It’s not enough to meet their candy needs

What about their emotional needs

The unspoken words

The need for love

The silent pleas


She would never know.

The note was not explicit

The most painful words ever

Written in a child’s handwriting

“I am tired of this life” it read.

She continues to stare into space.

© Amaka Paul 2016