diamonds in the sky

In response to one-word prompt

reach for it

I teach them to know Him, their source of life

I show them love and help them see

The Beauty inside of them

I encourage them to be

Comfortable in their own skin

I teach them to be bold

To Fear nothing


I teach them to be free and say it as it is

I teach them to explore, to ask questions

I teach them to love and be kind

I teach them to see the good in others

I teach them to respect

And earn theirs in return


They teach me to live life

And appreciate each moment

They teach me gratitude

To be thankful for each day

I teach them to listen

And chew their words carefully

I teach, I scold, I pamper, and then

I teach some more


I teach them to know their worth

And be their best

I encourage them to reach for the sky

Because I know they can do it

They can be whatever they want to be

The possibilities are endless


I teach them all

They listen, they learn and

They shine bright like stars;

Like diamonds in the sky.

©Amaka Paul 2016

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10 thoughts on “diamonds in the sky

  1. It is a kind of funny, when I looked at the prompt page, both our posts stood side by side, and completed the lyrics of the nursery rhyme… “Up Above the World So High” “Like Diamonds in the Sky” Twinkle Twinkle.. 🙂

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