diamonds in the sky

In response to one-word prompt

reach for it

I teach them to know Him, their source of life

I show them love and help them see

The Beauty inside of them

I encourage them to be

Comfortable in their own skin

I teach them to be bold

To Fear nothing


I teach them to be free and say it as it is

I teach them to explore, to ask questions

I teach them to love and be kind

I teach them to see the good in others

I teach them to respect

And earn theirs in return


They teach me to live life

And appreciate each moment

They teach me gratitude

To be thankful for each day

I teach them to listen

And chew their words carefully

I teach, I scold, I pamper, and then

I teach some more


I teach them to know their worth

And be their best

I encourage them to reach for the sky

Because I know they can do it

They can be whatever they want to be

The possibilities are endless


I teach them all

They listen, they learn and

They shine bright like stars;

Like diamonds in the sky.

©Amaka Paul 2016

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