He who finds a wife…

Hi Everyone,
This weekend I travelled down to my country home,to be with my sweethearts as they celebrate their love.It was a beautiful occassion, I had to share …happy reading!


Once upon a lifetime,
You meet that special one
You know it must be her because,
You can move mountains
Endure every test
Ignore the naysayers
Overlook innuendos
Break culture barriers
Just to be with her, and
make her yours
for always

because all you see is inside
what you see, what you feel
what you see, what you know
is what you want, what you need

She is what you need
She is all you want


He found that one, he is a happy man
distance could not dampen what they feel
enjoying the bliss through the stolen breaks
fleeting vacations, cherishing every moment
they live each moment, they are grateful
no time to wish for more time

She found him
No one else would do
All that she ever wanted
Her fantasy, now a reality
She can touch, feel, kiss and caress
watch the rise and fall of his chest
His gentle breath on her face
quickening beat of her heart
as he looks into her soul…it’s for real
A dream come true


rita ejims 20160530_102314

Their love has blossomed over the years
distance nurtured and kept it alive
honesty ,openness, and acceptance has
seen this beautiful feeling erupt into
a wonderful relationship
The bumpy ride was well worth it

His desires she will match
for a look into his eyes is a journey to his soul,
a deep look into his eyes, a language of love
known only to true lovers is awakened,
a yearning that must be assuaged
say no more…


And now he must do right by her
satisfy cultures and traditions
Make mom and dad proud

An opportunity to preen, strut, and sashay
deny other eligible bachelors the sip
eyes everywhere searching for him
The one that makes her heart skip

IMG-20160530-WA0074 (1)

She finds him, a broad smile, a beautiful glow
She kneels down, offers him a sip
He happily downs the palm-wine,
stuff the empty glass with crisp notes,
He pulls her to him, glowing with pride
A resounding applause


IMG-20160530-WA0077 (1)

They kneel for prayers and blessings;
You will have beautiful kids, male and female,
Every good thing you desire, you will have,
You will not lack, your home will be filled
with laughter and happiness,
Yes, you will have a blissful journey
with hiccups along the way,
Your Love, Openness and Honesty
Will guide you through it all…Amen!


With pride, she looks up at her man, her husband.
and with love, he covers her lips with his…a kiss
Indeed, he has found a good thing.


And we were there.

© Amaka Paul 2016




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