Why I write

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My writing today was inspired by a prompt. Why do I write? these are the answers I came up with. Enjoy…

My sanity

I write to make sense of the conversations going on in my head. When I was growing up I had lots of them, didn’t capture most of them, until I learned to sleep, with a notebook close to me. I write for the sheer pleasure I derive from putting my thoughts down in black and white. Writing has a calming effect on me, it helps me make sense of my thoughts.

To Empower

I write because I want to touch lives positively in my only little way.My life has been greatly infuenced by the books I have read, I simply fell in love with empowering books,which are filled with inspirations and motivations. I still enjoy romance novels but I find myself reading wider now. I want to inspire people to look inwards and see the potentials in them and I write to unleash mine.

For the Love of Nature

I write to appreciate nature, to put into words what my eyes cannot say; and my heart is holding. I love nature and the feeling it arouses in me, I can only be happy when I put them into words. I look to really see, to absorb and to cherish every moment. The  beauty of nature and the awesomeness of God inspires me a lot.

For Love

Love is a beautiful thing. I write to share the things that are working for me in my marriage and hope to spread love into many homes. If my writing saves just one marriage from break-up, I would feel fulfilled. I write because I want to share my thoughts with you and to learn from you as well.

I Can

I write because I can. The more I write the better I feel about myself and the more I want to write. I write to encourage myself and to make you try one more time. I write to encourage you to let go of your fear, quit procrastinating and take that leap.

For Clarity

When I need a better understanding of things and people I write. It  helps me see what I’m thinking, everything becomes clearer in black and white. When I put things in their proper perspective am less prone to unnecessary reactions. Writing helps me make better decisions.

notebook pen

I write because, I simply can not resist a new notebook, a fresh page, and a beautiful pen!


Why do you write?


by Amaka Paul