Two Become One


He is my strength. He completes me.
He knows me, sometimes better than
I know myself.

He is my support, my confidant
We share our burden. He feels my pain
We share our joy.

Gently he chides me and then opens
Wide his strong arms for a warm embrace.
With him I feel safe. I belong here.

His anger vanishes, as soon
Like that of a baby. He bears me no grudge
God, he is awesome!

He is dependable. In humble service
He has taught me grace. Beside him
I can only be the best me, yes, ME!

His gentleness, humbles me
His caring attitude, awes me
His humility, bring me to my knees

Daily I seek for ways to show him
How much he means to me.
His love for me is boundless.
His words and actions say no less.

He is under no influence.
We found a rhythm, added our lyrics to it.
We dance along perfecting our steps
We are getting better at the dance of love.

Oh yes! He is under the influence
That of love, love so pure it radiates
This man is my better half, he completes me.
Together we are one.

© Amaka Paul 2016