He who finds a wife…

Hi Everyone,
This weekend I travelled down to my country home,to be with my sweethearts as they celebrate their love.It was a beautiful occassion, I had to share …happy reading!


Once upon a lifetime,
You meet that special one
You know it must be her because,
You can move mountains
Endure every test
Ignore the naysayers
Overlook innuendos
Break culture barriers
Just to be with her, and
make her yours
for always

because all you see is inside
what you see, what you feel
what you see, what you know
is what you want, what you need

She is what you need
She is all you want


He found that one, he is a happy man
distance could not dampen what they feel
enjoying the bliss through the stolen breaks
fleeting vacations, cherishing every moment
they live each moment, they are grateful
no time to wish for more time

She found him
No one else would do
All that she ever wanted
Her fantasy, now a reality
She can touch, feel, kiss and caress
watch the rise and fall of his chest
His gentle breath on her face
quickening beat of her heart
as he looks into her soul…it’s for real
A dream come true


rita ejims 20160530_102314

Their love has blossomed over the years
distance nurtured and kept it alive
honesty ,openness, and acceptance has
seen this beautiful feeling erupt into
a wonderful relationship
The bumpy ride was well worth it

His desires she will match
for a look into his eyes is a journey to his soul,
a deep look into his eyes, a language of love
known only to true lovers is awakened,
a yearning that must be assuaged
say no more…


And now he must do right by her
satisfy cultures and traditions
Make mom and dad proud

An opportunity to preen, strut, and sashay
deny other eligible bachelors the sip
eyes everywhere searching for him
The one that makes her heart skip

IMG-20160530-WA0074 (1)

She finds him, a broad smile, a beautiful glow
She kneels down, offers him a sip
He happily downs the palm-wine,
stuff the empty glass with crisp notes,
He pulls her to him, glowing with pride
A resounding applause


IMG-20160530-WA0077 (1)

They kneel for prayers and blessings;
You will have beautiful kids, male and female,
Every good thing you desire, you will have,
You will not lack, your home will be filled
with laughter and happiness,
Yes, you will have a blissful journey
with hiccups along the way,
Your Love, Openness and Honesty
Will guide you through it all…Amen!


With pride, she looks up at her man, her husband.
and with love, he covers her lips with his…a kiss
Indeed, he has found a good thing.


And we were there.

© Amaka Paul 2016




In response to a one-word prompt


“It won’t take long” he promised
Looking quite confident
“She is a strong one” he added
She smiled, beaming at the compliment
Her beautiful face dimpled at the sides
She has got a beautiful smile

She had chosen the lovely Ankara
With the floral patterns. The gown,
It fits her well, she knows.
I laid it on the bed
It won’t take long they promised

It’s time. They came for her
All looking very dapper in white,
With cute caps perched atop their heads
She insisted on walking to the room
They wouldn’t let her
Gently they coerced her to lie on it

Her laughter filled the narrow corridor
As they pushed her towards the room
A slight pause and I ran to her
She smiled brightly, I held her tightly
“I will be fine”, she laughed
“It’s just a simple procedure”
“It won’t take long”, she promised

“Pray for me,” she said and squeezed my hand
“I will”, I whispered, “You will be fine”
“It won’t take long” I promised

They kept to their promise
It didn’t take long, but the pain did
They brought her out unsmiling
She was wheeled out not laughing
It didn’t take long at all, but the ache did
She stopped moving, she won’t wear
Her lovely, floral Ankara gown anymore

It didn’t take them long to wheel her out
But not the same way she went in
She came out stiff, pale and frozen
She wouldn’t stop staring unblinkingly
Yes, she could only offer a blank stare
At the world, at me…
It didn’t take long, it was a promise.


by Amaka Paul

And then she died.


And then it ends.
What follows thereafter?
Who knows?
For those here on they know not
For the departed,
Do they know what happens after?
Do they stand aside and see
The pain of those left behind
Or lack thereof?
Do they see how their remains
are treated;
what happens to their body
Do they still feel?

I look at the mound and wonder,
Does she feel angst at their betrayal
Returned to the place wherefrom
She had fled, she had run away
to regain her sanity
from one that is insatiable;
a philanderer, she had run
Away from a callous monster
Returned as she lay sick

Frail, weak, struck by stroke
Unable to fend for herself
Deserted by her children
East, west, south they had gone
Each to his own, except one
None willing to make any sacrifice.

Abandoned to her fate
In a bare room
Fed like a leper, the man, and the son
Barely coming near to clean her up
They hardly remember to push her plate in
or to gather those already accumulating dust
Filled with rat droppings and wriggling maggots.

He was counting the days now
He already made a list
It is going to be an all comers affair
He has crafted an emotional tribute
There’s money to be made

And then it happened.

She lay shriveled, all bones
She had aged terribly from lack of care
Her eyes still open,
On a threadbare mat
That would sooner join her wherever,
It has served its purpose
she looks unkempt, neglected;
They never bothered.

Time to feast and get drunk
Time to dance till dawn
Time to sell Aso-Ebi, time to make money
From the east, west and south they returned
Except one.

A leopard will never change its spots
He has no shame. He squandered it all;
Money for space at the cemetery
He couldn’t account for anything
Yet none of them complained,
they know him too well
he couldn’t bear to spend so
Much on a corpse, a corpse…
bury her already

He pointed to a narrow space
And they dug, stopping intermittently to
Down shots of dry gin
Body glistening with dirty sweat…
They took turns

She stood aside and watched.

Do they still feel?
Can they see how their remains are treated?
How does it feel to be buried in a grave
Filled with water, a swamp
Is she cold in there?
If she could, she would resist
With all, that’s in her.

She shuddered as she watched them lower
Her body, she waited for them to protest
At least a feeble attempt…
Not one, none. She turned and wept.
Once again abandoned, betrayed, even in death

And then she died.


by Amaka Paul




One with YOU


In the midst of life’s turbulence

I run to You for  calm

I reach out to you

and in the quiet

In the silence

I feel Your touch

the quiet awakening of my spirit

In the vastness

I am one with You

I look up to You

and feel at peace

One with You.

©Amaka Paul 2016

Why I write

writing head3

My writing today was inspired by a prompt. Why do I write? these are the answers I came up with. Enjoy…

My sanity

I write to make sense of the conversations going on in my head. When I was growing up I had lots of them, didn’t capture most of them, until I learned to sleep, with a notebook close to me. I write for the sheer pleasure I derive from putting my thoughts down in black and white. Writing has a calming effect on me, it helps me make sense of my thoughts.

To Empower

I write because I want to touch lives positively in my only little way.My life has been greatly infuenced by the books I have read, I simply fell in love with empowering books,which are filled with inspirations and motivations. I still enjoy romance novels but I find myself reading wider now. I want to inspire people to look inwards and see the potentials in them and I write to unleash mine.

For the Love of Nature

I write to appreciate nature, to put into words what my eyes cannot say; and my heart is holding. I love nature and the feeling it arouses in me, I can only be happy when I put them into words. I look to really see, to absorb and to cherish every moment. The  beauty of nature and the awesomeness of God inspires me a lot.

For Love

Love is a beautiful thing. I write to share the things that are working for me in my marriage and hope to spread love into many homes. If my writing saves just one marriage from break-up, I would feel fulfilled. I write because I want to share my thoughts with you and to learn from you as well.

I Can

I write because I can. The more I write the better I feel about myself and the more I want to write. I write to encourage myself and to make you try one more time. I write to encourage you to let go of your fear, quit procrastinating and take that leap.

For Clarity

When I need a better understanding of things and people I write. It  helps me see what I’m thinking, everything becomes clearer in black and white. When I put things in their proper perspective am less prone to unnecessary reactions. Writing helps me make better decisions.

notebook pen

I write because, I simply can not resist a new notebook, a fresh page, and a beautiful pen!


Why do you write?


by Amaka Paul


The Blogger Recognition Award

Hello everyone,

My blog has been nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award!


I want to, appreciate TheJouskaBlog for nominating my blog for this award. I love her free spirit and openness, it’s infectious. If you have not visited her blog rush over now and show some love.


  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
  • Give a brief story of how you started your blog.
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers who deserve the award.

My story

My story would be very brief because all you need to know is here .
I have always loved reading and I wanted to be heard too, however, I kept putting it off for later and then, I decided enough was enough. I had to get past thinking about what other people would think of my writing. I had to let go of the fear of the unknown and accept that failure is not the end but the push I need to try again. My greatest motivation is lending a voice to touch lives in my own little way.

My Advice to new Bloggers

I say to you, if blogging is what you want to do get on with it.
There is no perfect time to start; the right time to start blogging is now. You have read a lot about how to start a blog, now go start one. Do not let fear limit you, don’t wait any longer. Make up your mind on what you want to write about and write. You would notice what works and what doesn’t as you go on.

When you hit publish and the likes don’t come pouring in don’t give up. keep at it. Visit other blogs, see what they are doing differently; make your visit felt, leave some likes and comments on blogs. More likely than not most bloggers would reciprocate.It’s a great community out here.

and my nominees are,in no particular order…






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Joseyphina’s World

New to blogging myself, I  have noticed a significant change since I started following my own advice.I must give credit to bunkaryudo my very first visitor for this very honest and helpful advice.

Well that’s about it, thank you very much for reading.

Be inspired!


Amaka Paul.