Spread your Wings and Fly


Break free from the confinement!

Push down those walls, for the barriers you see

are only the manifestation of your thoughts.

For how long will you sit and watch others live life on their

own terms while you wish you could be like them? Quit being

a spectator in the game of life, be a star actor.


For so long I limited myself by fears, self-doubt,

I allowed what others thought or would think determine

my actions and inactions. I soon realize people could careless

what we did or didn’t do. Funny that, most of the time they aren’t even

interested and here we are, afraid to act because of what they would think.


Fears, procrastination, self-doubt, and anxiety over what they would think

are just walls we build to keep us confined in our own little space.

Walls are what they are, they shut out, and they confine us to a place,

a place of false comfort. Life becomes monotonous and a mere existence.

When we erect mental walls around us, we make our talents and potentials

redundant. It denies us of our right standing in life because we let it.


Whatever we believe we can’t achieve,Where ever we are in life, are as

a result of thoughts that became actions.


I decided to be a participant in the game of life. I choose empowering

thoughts over limiting thoughts . I am paying attention to what I was telling

me and what I think about. Unconsciously I erected these mental walls but

consciously I am bringing them down one stone at a time. Through thinking

right and acting right.

It feels good to spread my wings. I can feel the beginning of a flap. I can do it, I can fly.

Thoughts are powerful, we are what we think. What we believe we can achieve, we can.When we think to ourselves we cant, we can’t.

What do you think about?

© Amaka Paul 2016





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