Here and Now


Three – tens and three is only a number

for if it’s seen as more,  unhealthy-

competition, envy, jealousy sets in.

Living in the here and now becomes elusive.

The need to hurry and catch up becomes

imperative, sending peace and serenity out the door.


This day calls for a deep retrospection.A slowing down

to sit still and reflect on life and appreciate the little things

that count. I sit and try to journey back in time as far as

I can intelligibly recall and I conclude thus; life is how you choose

to live it-you can choose to live it or not.


Look around you there’s so much to be thankful for;

Mum, dad, spouse, siblings, kids, friends and colleagues.

These special people are in your life for a reason

they complete you and make your life worth living.


So I choose to be thankful for the gift of life

I choose to be grateful for this beautiful day

I am thankful for this wonderful sunshine and ‘am ever

making out animal shapes and patterns in the clouds

and smile when my little girl points to the pony up there.


We got a lot to be thankful to God for no matter

what number it is. The life we have, the breath we take

good health we enjoy and the company of our loved ones can’t be

exchanged for anything.


It’s been a lovely journey filled with lessons and blessings.

Yes I have learnt to see each challenge as a lesson and a process.

Each delay as  training on patience, a virtue I need to always

see the best in others. Each tear drop a reminder of an inner

cleansing necessary to make me a better person.

So on this special day, I am super thankful for the privilege to

be alive and well, for the strength to blow them out at the count.

Well, one…no, two stubborn ones after…I did great!


What are you thankful for?

© Amaka Paul 2016


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