Nature Aflame


The silhouette of a giraffe stood out like a work of art,

a classic painting in a fiery scene.

The grass glowed in the sunset and

the trees stood still in the back drop.

The field slept in the orange glow of the setting sun.


One look at the scenery and it was forever etched in my memory.

The clouds were going to sleep slowly making way for the stars.

I was awestruck at the sight and basked in its charm.

The fiery furnace burned yet its fury only served to set aflame

and bring to life all that it torched.

Each stood still as if in  obedience to nature’s command

to be captured in its glowing beauty.


In its glow, young lovers lie engrossed in each other yet

helplessly drawn to the awesomeness of Mother nature.

They sit and watch the sunset and the beauty of nature play out

in a perfect symphony of  colors and shapes;

their silhouette blending perfectly in to nature’s painting.

such sight you wish to remain forever,such is the beauty of natures sunset.

© Amaka Paul 2016

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