I take responsibility for it all.
Now, that’s coming of age.
It is long, long overdue I dare say
I have always known I had it in me.
But the comfort zone I must desert and
Greener pastures seek.

This too, I ought to not seek afar
For ‘tis here if I care to dig deep within
Dormant it lays waiting, begging to be roused.

But fast comes the dread that seek to paralyze
Leaving me numb in its wake, and quick to equip me
with germane reasons why the status must not change.
Helpless, bewildered I look on, without focus
Purpose yet undetermined, every road seems right and
Success far is thrown.

Inward I must look for,often what we search for afar
Is only but a breathe away, a heartbeat from us
We must learn to stop and listen to us
I must not give up; I can almost touch it…
My vision is becoming clearer, I must focus
Grab it and then run with it

Run with it I must and never look back
Focus shall be my mantra,
Determination my watchword,
Act to bring it to manifest.
For this here zone is too hot for comfort
The stagnant waters too stale to give respite
I still thirst.
So running springs I must seek
If my thirst I must assuage.

© Amaka Paul 2016


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