Leap off your comfy zone

Phew! I finally did it, yes!… it was long overdue. I kept giving excuses why I was not ready for a blog yet, afraid that I would not be able to see it through. I was really scared of leaving my comfort zone, afraid that I wouldn’t know where to start and what to write about. I was only content with reading other people’s blog thinking I would grasp that one magic word that will erase all my reasons for feet-dragging on starting my own blog.


I almost didn’t go through with the registration process,wanted to stop midway. I tried convincing myself that I was not ready for this, that I needed to read more how-to before taking the leap but, alas I won. I must add that I procrastinate a lot, always giving excuses as to why it could wait one more day. But deep within me I know I could do it, that my fears were unfounded,I just needed to start.


Procrastination was killing me, it always stopped me dead on my tracks, creating unnecessary fears. I keep putting off things that will profit me, always giving excuses. I was afraid that I was not quite ready, I needed to do something about this.

I read numerous blogs on writing and starting a blog, I love writing. I believe my writing will impact positively on people and this is what I love doing. I love bringing smiles to people’s faces and leaving them better than i met them. So i needed to do this …to feel the fear and do it anyway. If I must help someone to do away with their limiting fears I must be able to speak from experience, and so today I took that leap and started Somawrites.


I finally found out how to cure myself of this weakness that has kept me static in my comfort zone,always scared to venture out and practice all that I have learnt and kept learning. Today I decided that enough was enough and here I am writing on my blog and loving it. Guess what,the heaven has not fallen. The first step I needed to cure myself of this paralyzing fear, that made me procrastinate was to take action.


I will continue taking action by updating my blog as often as is possible and try my best to use my experiences to help others who might be struggling with procrastination. If you are like me, you put things off to do at a later time and end up not doing them at all, after all, please stop and take action. Take that leap and get on with it.

taking action

Do share with us how you have been able to get past procrastinating, it will really help.

6 thoughts on “TAKE THAT LEAP!

  1. Hey, am I the first commenter on your post? I feel honored. I saw your message on the Blogging101 site, so I thought I’d pop in and say hello. I’m not sure about the procrastinating thing. I get disturbed quite a lot by my family at certain times of the day (kids are not known for being quiet), so I tend to blog when they’re either out or sleeping. It’s not much of a secret, I’m afraid, but that’s how I manage. 😀


      1. No problem. If you go out and leave comments on other people’s blogs, that’s the best way to let people find you. (Nobody told me this for the first two months, so I wondered where everybody was. It seemed like the Internet was completely empty. In fact, there’s a whole great community here.) 😀


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